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Posted by marcn on 2014-04-06 22:45:06 Tagged: , chickens , backyard chickens

Backyard Chickens 101

Jay Douthit from UMD Extension gave an introductory talk about keeping a small flock of backyard hens for egg production as part of a campaign to educate individuals in the …

How to raise chickens 3 weeks old now

Normally you birds should stay inside under a heat lamp for the first 5-6 weeks. But we have had unusually warm weather this spring so I took the chicks outside …

The chicken next door.

City ordinances in Raleigh, NC permit chicken coops in backyards, even in downtown neighborhoods! This one, I would name Phoebe. Posted by MacGuffin56 on 2014-04-06 01:58:08 Tagged:

books on raising chickens in your backyard

books on raising chickens in your backyard Get 7250 landscaping designs for great looking back yard, front yard, gardens, Lawns, decks, pools and such. Lots of great tutorials and with …